Anita Rózga

Anita has a very broad professional experience, which has been acquired working in both Polish and foreign companies, as well as the world's largest corporations. Anita works as a business consultant, using knowledge of finance and accounting, controlling, financial analysis and project management. In her 20 year career she organised the subsidiaries of German companies in Poland, built commercial and customer service departments, improved business processes in multinational corporations. She was responsible for financial page of tenders/offers and contracts, pricing strategy and an analysis of their cost effectiveness. She is proud of working for such global clients like Vodafone, T Mobile, Orange, Allianz, Audi, Opel, VW, Nestlé, etc. A woman, for which there is no impossible to perform. When we all ponder over strategy, she already works and is effective. She likes efficient and simple solutions. Anita is business fluent in German and English, and therefore easily comes to chasing information and conduct negotiations for international clients. Anita spends her free time with her children and family mascot dog Sony. She loves sports, travel and learning about other countries and their cultures. Extremely open and solid can establishes contacts easily.




Katarzyna Bielecka

Katarzyna worked for British public institutions such as the National Health Service, Public Health England and corporations Bupa, Sainsubry's and nonprofits such as the British Council. She is familiar with Organization and systems work of Western countries. Always been interested in psychology, business and medicine and in those directions trying to develop. She is an expert of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and body language. Has a wide knowledge of the health services, management and change management, business development. Always full of energy and vision, creative, working unconventionally. Can improve systems to spot new opportunities, new markets and carry out the start-up phase from the idea to prosperous business. Kate currently lives with her husband in the UK and is the owner of three companies. In her spare time she travels to South America.